Monday, October 15, 2012

Autumn Regrets

Summer shuffled along, exhausted
Taking quiet happiness in its pocket
Leaving in its widened and weathered path
A staggering stillness
Waiting to be tipped
Until its contents were strewn about
In a mess of chaos and emotions
Scattered, irreversible

Autumn crept in and took its residence
Displaying beauty in rich color
and sound and smell, like those of childhood
In attempts to hide the death
The intimate sadness of the past
Falling of the summer strongholds
The leaves, the grass, all give way to frost
And my innocence to confusion

Now, among trees the color of cinnamon
And the breath of morning fog
The sky churns, a sea of grey
Tempting, taunting my mind to implode
Causing my soul to stir
Deciding; affection, anger, persistence, in an instant
"Defy us," dared the blackening cloud; I accept

I cannot fold up, I refuse
Those tricky talks, our little smiles
Have been uprooted from the floor of my mind
We were friends in the maze of people
Fumbling with hands and feelings tied
As autumn clears the path for winter
The snows will set in, white and clean
Wipe this slate anew once more
With nothing more than a glance or a word

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