Friday, September 7, 2012

Back to the Grind

Senior year is such an odd thing for me to comprehend. The concept that three years of struggle and awkwardness have culminated into this last hurrah of accelerated courses, multitudes of applications, and a never-ending sense of teenage deficiency is completely unbelievable. The level to which my already eruptive stress has elevated is insane. So much that I have to take care of. I understand that it's all part of the process, to grow as a person and morph into adulthood. I get that. But there have been so many times as of late when I have burrowed into myself and my thoughts and just wished that everything could be simple again. That my oft pessimistic attitude could be positive, all the time, again. That my parents would still be able to get along and not create confusion and anger in the minds of their children. That the math problems I do in class could go back to being one simple, solvable equation, which is almost a metaphor for my life. My world is like an enormous math problem, filled with variables, exponents, limits, and substitutions. There is so much I will have to get through and do before I am able to reach the solved equation. I just hope that I will have support and strength for the long road to the answer.

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